Sell Your Real Estate Property With Ease

We'll help you plan your real estate auction

real estate auctions Ogilvie, MN

Are you having a hard time selling a piece of real estate? Don't like the idea of going through a real estate agent? Paul's Auction Service can help you sell your real estate property successfully. Turn to us for assistance auctioning off:

  • Homes
  • Farm land
  • Hunting land
  • Recreational land
  • Residential land

To discuss what type of real estate property you want us to auction, call 320-679-3377 today.

Learn more about the real estate auction process

We'll bring the materials necessary to your auction, including office equipment and a register. The live auction will usually take place on the steps of the property and the highest bidder will win. Once the auction concludes, the winning bidder will fill out all contracts with our owner, Paul. Let us help you sell your piece of real estate. Call us today to start the process!